January Jumpstart

It's that time again: “New Year, New Me!" and by now, most of us have done some yearly reflecting on the person we are and who we want to become. Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle, become a more active charity member or conquer the world, we are all really set on one common goal which is to become better than we were before in one or more areas of our life.

If you are looking to take a leap or even just baby steps, you must start somewhere! To set you off on the right foot, we put together a few of our favorite things that we believe are small, but majorly beneficial to get that January jumpstart into 2017.

Check out this book:

Do it Like a Woman: ... And Change the World by Caroline Criado-Perezo

The author Caroline Criado-Perez, one of the most vocal and persistent campaigners of her generation, introduces us to some of the pioneering women who have reinvented what it means to be female in cultures where power and privilege are all too often equated with being male.

According to Ione Wells, the founder of the international #NotGuilty campaign against sexual violence, "this book is a fantastic collection of inspiring stories by women who have succeeded in monumental achievements -- often having had to break through glass ceilings in their fields along the way. Its central message is a hopeful one for women: no matter how much you've been told that a career or path isn't right for you due to your gender, it's all a myth."

Get organized with this calendar:

Take your organization to the next level with this spiral bound organizer by Planner Pad.
It includes literally everything you need to get your foot on the right track for the new year -- and stay there! It includes a month calendar page, forward planning calendars, 52 weeks of productivity planning, a goals/projects section, a time zone map for travel, phone numbers, holidays page, and even a handy business expense record! What more could you need?sb_green_personal_494_1_2-1

Taste this simple breakfast for your busy mornings:

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but also the easiest to skip. That rush to work or whatever big plans you have for the day can easily override with a morning ritual we all truly need in our lives -- but we have a solution!

Try this simple and delicious berry and yogurt smoothie:

Blend frozen fruit (banana and berries work well) with Greek yogurt and a liquid of your choice (milk, juice, coconut water—whatever you like). Freeze overnight to blend up in the morning and you're all set to go!Blueberry smoothie

Want to easily discover new volunteer opportunities? Download the app Golden

Golden helps you find local volunteer opportunities based on the things you would otherwise be doing for fun. Based on research into the causes of volunteer attrition, Golden’s approach makes volunteering effortless and meaningful to help facilitate a feeling of happiness, sense of community and higher quality of life through volunteer work. It all really sounds like an amazing and valuable way to spend your spare time in 2017!

For an easy January jumpstart, download the free app here.